The Verdict: Chicken Curry 2

Recipe Here

Sick smileSad smileDisappointed smileSmileOpen-mouthed smile

Prep: Disappointed smile
Maybe it’s because it was the fact that I was finishing this recipe at 11pm, but it was the most work out of all the recipes I’ve tried so far. Maybe it’s because my garlic mincer sucks so I had to peel and chop. Maybe it’s because it actually was more work? Who knows!

Taste: Sick smile
The overall taste was okay but the texture was terrible, it kind of felt like chunks of vomit in my mouth.

Kid Friendly: Disappointed smile
The kids ate the rice and a little bit of sauce without much complaint but weren’t overwhelmingly pleased.

Overall: Sick smile
Big fat fail. Way too much prep involved for a gross dish.


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